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At Princess Nails & Beauty Salon, we care about quality therefore we use the best well-known products such as OPI Acrylic Powder, Gel Powder, Ombre Gel Powder, SNS Dipping Powder, CND Creative Shellac, and other leading brands to offer you the best nail services and beauty treatments. We have a wide range of choices with thousands of nail polish, gel and dipping gel colours to choose from. Are you looking for professional nail and beauty specialists who care for your nails and beauty. Look no further than Princes Nails & Beauty in Eastbourne. Our professional team will give you our top tips and advices and best suitable nail and beauty services for you.

Professional Nail Care

Appointment & Walk-in Welcome

Nail Extensions:

Acrylic Fullset£25
Acrylic Infill£17
Acrylic Overlay£28
Ombré/Glitter Fullset£35
Ombré/Glitter Infills£27
Pink & White Fullset£35
Pink & White Infills£27
Gel Powder Fullset£30
Gel Powder Infills£20
Gel Powder Overlay£30
Acrylic Permanent White Tips£28
Gel Permanent White Tips£30
Extension SNS Dipping Powder£35
Overlay SNS Dipping Powder£32


With Shellac£10 extra
Take off & redo£7 extra
Take off & Tidy£12
Take off & Manicure£20

Natural Nail:

Shellac Manicure£25
Shellac Pedicure£35
Shellac without Manicure£17
Shellac without Pedicure£20

Other Treatments:

Hand Designfrom £5
Diamond/Stone/Gem10 for £3
Shape & Nail Varnish£8
Shape & Toe Nail Varnish£10
Take off Shellac£8
Under Arms£8
Half Arms£10
Full Arms£15
Full Legs£28
Half Legs (from knees down)£18
Eyebrow Waxing£7
Eyebrow Tinting£8
Upper Lip or Chin£6
Russian Volume
Full Set£55
2 Weeks Infill£36
3 Weeks Infill£41
Full Set£48
2 Weeks Infill£28
3 Weeks Infill£33
Full Set£47

Free Cold & Hot Drinks:


Hot Chocolate
Black Coffee
Café au lait
Latte Mochachino


English Tea
Green Tea & Lemon Grass
Pure Green Tea
Rose Tea
Green Tea Plus
Three Mint
Raspberry Leaf
Blueberry Green Tea


Still Water

Free WiFi

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Princess Nails & Beauty
1B Gildredge Rd
BN21 4RD

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